The Building

The NVRC will be the first new building to be realized as part of Syracuse University’s recently developed Campus Framework.

The overall objectives of the Campus Framework include: enliven the civic realm; revitalize the academic core; create a campus-city community; integrate diverse student life activities; and establish mixed use neighborhoods. The NVRC should help transform today’s underutilized streetscape into a vibrant urban promenade through both the new building and integrative landscape.

The NVRC is purposefully designed as a convening hub, and will be accessible to community organizations, as well as local and state government partners, for the purpose of facilitating programs, trainings, events, conferences, and initiatives positioned to advance the social, educational, and economic situation of America’s veterans and military families.  To that end, the NVRC will include classroom spaces to accommodate local and national veteran focused programming, along with a conference center and 1,000-seat auditorium suitable to host community activities, lectures, and national convening events and conferences.

Tenants & Uses


  • Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF)
  • Syracuse University & Regional Student Veteran Resource Center
  • Army Reserve Officer Training Corps
  • Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ‘Vet-Success on Campus’
  • Center of Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship
  • Veteran Business Outreach Center & Accelerator
  • Syracuse University Office of Veteran and Military Affairs


  • Workforce & Vocational Skills Training (local, state, regional)
  • Educational Programming Counseling (local, state, regional)
  • Institutional Headquarters (IVMF)
  • Institutional Headquarters (ROTC)
  • National/Regional/Local Community Convening Hub & Conference Center
  • Interdisciplinary Research and Development Center of Excellence
  • Veteran Business Outreach Center & Business Accelerator
  • Regional Cultural Center & Museum

Training & Programs

The NVRC will consolidate a robust portfolio of the nation’s premier, military- & veteran-focused educational, vocational, and workforce skills training programs on the campus of Syracuse University.

NVRC Educational, Vocational and Workforce Training Programs:

  • Veteran Career Transition Program
  • Veteran Vocational Acceleration Program
  • Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities
  • Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship
  • Boots2Business Entrepreneurship Transition Program
  • VetNet Skills Training Program
  • New York City partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation, the Mayor’s Office and workforce development for veteran entrepreneurship
  • The NVRC will consolidate IVMF technical assistance and community engagement programs, currently operating in 7 states, to be directed from CNY

NVRC Technical Assistance and Community Engagement Programs:

  • VA Supportive Services for Veterans and Families
  • AmericaServes Community Network
  • Get Skills to Work; a regional economic development engagement, targeting advanced manufacturing skills training with GE, Alcoa, Lockheed Martin and community colleges
  • Veteran advanced management degrees & certificates, including cyber security, engineering management, social work management, and entrepreneurship
  • Educating veterans while simultaneously working with large and small businesses, or training entrepreneurs, may attract long term residents